Family and Home

"It now feels like I've got all the parts of my life back. My partner, my daughters, my flat, my job. And I can enjoy each bit and I feel lucky about my life. I've got all those things back and everything feels real again. I look back at what I was doing before and it all seems so far away. I can't believe what I was doing. – I haven't really noticed the journey. It feels like it's all just fallen into place. I was there and now I'm here. It's like, somehow, I've just arrived."

"I have so much better relations with my family... we enjoy each other with more love..."

"Just to say a HUGE thank you for what can only be described as "sorting me out". I cannot believe what a difference six weeks has made to all our lives. I've learnt such a great deal and hope I can keep up the good work. I'll highly recommend your approach. Thank you so much."

"My son's being much more adult. He's calmer and we're not at constant war. There's more peace at home and it feels like there's love shining through. We're more in balance."

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Love & Relationships

"It's been a wonderful journey. One of the best things I've done. It's enabled me to find my true self again. I've found the strength to deal with a difficult relationship and move forward with my life."

"Everything is going very well. Richard is exactly what I wished for! He's lovely and I'm so happy. Thank you for ALL your help, I know you've helped me build the bridges and opened the door."

"I feel much calmer now... and less stressed – even my Mum and friends have commented. I've been able to separate out things that were confused. I thought my Dad not being here was a big part of it, but I've realised it's not - so I'm much more at peace putting that in its place."

"I'm less affected by the things that were difficult - so I'm able to stay focused on what I really want. It's cleared my mind. It's also given me a different perspective. We've touched on parts of me that I was scared of but I wanted to know about – so I'm much more open - to other things too. It's been a really worthwhile process."

"We achieved more in a few sessions than I achieved in a year of therapy. Thank you."

“Martin, you rocked my world. I thought other people’s comments were hyperbole, but I couldn’t have imagined the truly profound effect that working with you would have on me. Of everyone I have ever met in my life, you have had the most significant and positive impact on me. Thanks to you and Re-Balance, I feel like I’ve found my way back to a life that is true for me and rediscovered myself – only better, brighter and braver than ever before."

"I'd like to thank you for the support you have given me over the last eight weeks. Your ways of working, as well as your thoughts and view of life itself were in my opinion both very unique and insightful. The position I am in right now and my present train of thoughts are very different from our first session. It has made me a happier person with a clearer focus on what is important in my life. A large part of this transformation I can tribute to you."

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"I'm at a place I never thought I'd be in two months down the line. I'd never have imagined the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connection I have with myself. I've never felt like this before. – Well, I have – but it's not been grounded and it's the grounding I've needed. I've had loads of therapy and this has had the biggest impact. For me, it's been like soul retrieval."

"As I connected more with my heart, my relationships flowed so much more easily.. and now at last I can be me!"

"It's priceless really. – You can't put a price on having your life back."

"I have a greater understanding of my true self and am able to analyse my own and others behaviour and am starting to identify how I can live more of my life as the real me."

"What I like about it is it's fast track. There's no sitting on your laurels...you can just get on with it. So I've experienced loads of changes, often really little things, but I notice them now and realise how significant they are."

"That horrible black sludge that I used to feel inside has gone. And if it comes back up I'll know what to do with it."

"I feel honoured to have spent time with you and when I eventually taken some of the large steps I discussed with you, I will always have a little thought of you in the back of mind and feel eternally grateful for your guidance."

"Martin's explained a way of understanding life's dramas in a simple and life changing way! - It's allowed me to see things for what they are - and not get dragged back into difficulties. It's made life so much easier for me."

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Career & Work

"Re-Balance has grown my confidence to such an extent, I face new challenges easily and can see my business really flourishing..." - Team Leader, More Than

"I'd been mildly skeptical of leadership programmes, but Martin's approach gave me insights that I'd never previously considered. It has contributed significantly to my ability to remain focused, and appreciative of my surroundings and occurring events. The program has provided me with both knowledge and awareness, to cope with many aspects of my professional career and personal life." - Senior IT Manager, Ferodo

"I have stopped trying to solve the world for my team through offering help, help, help and calmed my approach down to help develop my team instead." - Team Leader, More Than

"This leadership development work has been a life-changing event. Good things have happened! I've improved my ability in many areas: getting people on board and implementing strategy; building a team with a culture that people want to be part of; being focused on what's important, in and out of work. But for me, the big one has been how I deal with conflict. I totally believe this is the right approach." - Systems Development Manager, Ferodo

"I have a greater understanding of how to inspire and lead my team which I am confident will improve the teams performance." - Team Leader, More Than

"Managing a large staff of IT Professionals, my goal in participating in a leadership program was to determine if this could provide tools for developing my staffs' "soft skills". I was quite surprised that I personally found their approach so enlightening! Martin brings an in-depth understanding of leadership and human behavior and presents ideas in a common sense manner. Since participating in the program, I have been able to focus on what's important both professionally and personally." - Senior Vice President, (A Major US Institution)

"I'm about to start a new job on the West Coast. In the end I had a rash of calls about potential jobs and looked at the BBC, Nokia, Sky and others. But I think this is the one that will really suit me. - Thanks to your help, it was having a better idea of where I want to go and what I want to do, rather than what I felt I was expected of me that made me chose this one. Thank you!" - Senior Executive, Orange

"I found my coaching sessions with Re-Balance to be hugely beneficial. They were well prepared and responsive to my specific needs – helping me reach clarity on the issues that I face. They've also clearly done a considerable amount of research into the question of "what constitutes leadership?" and have developed an impressive leadership theory - which makes both theoretical as well as practical sense. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them." - Director, Figleaves.com

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