How it Works


It’s a simple approach that achieves meaningful results - simultaneously working with the mind, body, emotions and centre.

What is Re-Balance?

Re-Balance is a soulful and effective form of coaching which helps you reconnect with who you are and what's most important to you. From there you'll be able to make changes, large or small, with the confidence that you're doing the right thing and improving what matters to you most. And for some, Re-Balance can be the catalyst for a more radical and life-changing experience. See our client testimonials.

How does it work?

In brief, Re-Balance helps you calm your emotions, re-find your strength and clear your thinking to make better decisions. We'll help you to reconnect with what's really best for you, so you find your way forward at your own pace. Because you'll get results swiftly the process is simple and affordable - allowing you to restore the balance and direction of your life.

Who is it for?

Everyone. But all our clients have one thing in common; they are pro-active people who want to improve some aspect of their life. Our clients are dedicated stay-at-home mothers, highly successful professionals, people from all walks of life; but most importantly, they are people who care about themselves and others - and can acknowledge when something isn't right. 


We specialise in working on the key relationships in our lives:

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